Why Zest


Our Commitment to you.

We are committed to match client emotional desires and practical objectives across a broad range of important buying criteria, resulting in clients acquiring superior properties and, most importantly, achieving highly enjoyable Phuket Lifestyles.

Understand client needs and expectations

Before presenting properties, we get to know our clients, and the experience they seek through ownership.  Our client conversations go beyond price point and location. For Example, we’ll explore how the property will be used; it is for exclusive use, part time use with occasional rental income. Will the property be a primary residence, and how extensively will the owner host family and friends. Phuket offers many lifestyle  options, and as we fully explore client interests we are better positioned to recommend the best match between clients needs and the exclusive properties within our portfolio.

Why wait for the opportunity to come to you when we can find it for you

Once ZEST has understood clients fundamentals for acquiring property, and if not immediately available within our portfolio, we will spend time finding the property that matches the buyers criteria, If this is not immediately available on the market. We will approach owners to see if they are willing to sell. This guarantees that buyers are making the right purchase that suits their lifestyle, rather than making the wrong purchase because they believe that what they are looking for is not available. Patience is Key to finding the right property.

Presenting superior properties

Property is unique as it represents both an investment and lifestyle choice.  A comprehensive property evaluation process should provide a broad range of relevant and trustworthy information.  At ZEST we have a established a comprehensive set of criteria for vetting, and ultimately, representing a portfolio of properties we believe will delight buyers. The criteria includes:

  • Developments with a history of satisfied owners
  • Quality design, both aesthetic and flow
  • Quality Construction
  • Clean Title registration in full compliance with the Land Registry requirements
  • Professional Estate management
  • Good neighbours and collaborative owner community structures
  • Reliable infrastructure, both public and Specific
  • Reliable Developer Reputation
  • Happy Owners
  • No Hidden Costs

Provide Trustworthy, comprehensive Guidance for acquiring a property in Phuket

Buying and owning a property in Phuket is an established process: there 1000’s of property owners who own and use their property in a variety of ways.  We at ZEST are prepared to guide you through the property acquisition process, including introducing lawyers who can perform reliable Due Diligence and execute the necessary legal steps.

In the end we believe that ZEST principles and service, including being client focused, vetting properties and trustworthy purchase guidance will result in highly satisfying purchase decisions.  We look forward to being of service to our clients exploring property ownership in one of Asia’s premier lifestyle destinations.