Convienience key for property sales

What is going on with the property market around Laguna Phuket, well quite a lot.

Seeing as there is no MLS listing for Phuket property, most of the buyers out there are not fully aware what is going on in the Real Estate market and where property is being sold. Let me enlighten you.

I would like to write a little piece about the area around Laguna, Layan and what seems to be attracting so many buyers to the area.

In the last 6 months there seems to have been some huge factors in people buying property around Laguna and Layan area, which surprisingly is and area with some of the flattest land in Phuket so lacks the sea view that people generally require in Phuket.

To start with, Zest Real Estate has sold and heard of many properties selling in developments such as Laguna, Sai Taan, Anchan and none of these properties offer a sea view. Now don’t take this the wrong way, but most people in Phuket are incessantly lazy, so when buying in Phuket, one of the main criteria’s is convenience, understandably. If you want a couple of hours commute you may as well buy elsewhere.

So here is some highlights that these developments have within touching distance, Villa Market (Western Supermarket), Supper Club, Layan Beach, BAKE, Flame and all the other twin palms offerings, the new Laguna Golf Course, coffee shops and everything that Boat Avenue offers. What is hugely important is the influence to be able to access the PIA (Phuket international academy) with its world class sporting facilities and being able to access this within 20 mins drive falls into the “convenience’ category and very convenient for the Phuket International Airport.

Laguna Phuket

Laguna Phuket

What seems to be the buying range these development is around $1 M USD which for most people buying in Phuket, this is not over capitalizing themselves here and having a reasonable liquid asset. Why pay $1 M USD more just to get the sea view?

We are having more and more sellers in the area letting us know that we now have to take their listings off the market as they have been sold which is a very encouraging sign for sellers and Real Estate brokers.

Also, we are having a surge in re-sales as prime land is either too expensive or there is a comfort for buyers into developments that have a proven track record and properties that buyers can move into straight away.

What is also encouraging is that most of these sales have been in the ‘Low’ season, we are either going to see huge sales in the high season or that the year has evened itself out a little more and buyers are here for most of the year.

In summary it shows the pull of locations that have these facilities close by, with villa market also coming to Boat Lagoon, maybe coupled with the marina we will soon have another hot spot.

Convenience is key.

For more information on some incredible opportunities in Sai Taan, Laguna and Anchan or other developments in the area please drop me an email:

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