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At Zest Real Estate we would like to offer our advice and experience of selling property in Phuket.

We have been to 100’s of properties from 3 million THB to over 300 million THB and have learned an awful lot about what sells and unfortunately what doesn’t.

Listed below is some advice on selling your property although some of these hints are plainly obvious some sellers still do not help themselves:

1. One of the main difficulties on selling property is that most sellers believe that their property is unique, unfortunately, there are many properties in Phuket that match the same criteria as the one you are selling. This makes for a very competitive market in Phuket.

2. There is a reason that developments build a show home first; it gives a great impression of what the development will look like in the future if you can get your property to a show home standard it gives the buyer a great impression when entering the property for the first time.

3. When you have a viewing on your property please open all the curtains to let in a lot of light and give it a good airing.

4. Imagine you where a buyer of your property in Phuket, if a potential buyer sees some defects on entering the property, I guarantee that they will spend the next 10 minutes in your home looking for more defects if there are no defects the opposite will apply.

5. The new buyer does not want to spend the next 2 years fixing all the defects that you did not want to do.

6. Good images help to attract attention to your property in Phuket so if it is viable please hire a professional photographer so that potential buyers can see how good your property can be.

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7. Make sure your property is clean and tidy as first impression last.

Some of this might be very obvious advice but you would be surprised how many properties we have been to that will struggle to sell because they have not followed the guide above.

We are very happy to advise on your property, please give us a call.  +66 (0) 90 179 6635

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