Phuket Evolution

Over the last 12 months or so I have started to notice some significant changes in Phuket, this is having a rather large impact of my life and business, luckily, for the better.

I recently added to Facebook (of course) that 7 years ago the same conversation was had between friends, “what is there to do in Phuket?” once all the touristy things are out the way, what is going to keep us going from day to day. Catch Beach Club seemed to be the only one that was thriving. Luckily our friends Jade and Martin then opened Taste Restaurant and then we had an amazing place to eat as well. 7 years on and look what we have now (Surin & Bang Tao are my home so I know more about what is going on here) Catch, Bliss, Xana, Diamond are all great and coming soon are Bimi, Bongo, Zazada and Nikki Beach club, what’s next Ku De Ta? There have been rumours. Also we have lots of new places to eat, Twin Palms are almost doing this single handidly with BAKE, FLAME, PASTA and SUSHI. Suddenly we are lost for things to do and scared to miss out on the numerous opening parties or events that are going on.

Also the Real Estate sector is injecting new life into the market, Anantara building villas, Bugatti opening up in Phi Phi, Malaiwana building residences, Andara building more villas and Kata Rocks about to open its doors to the general public. Sales and Rentals are going well; finally we have some much needed momentum.

Not only that but as I am sure you can all see, the boating industry is thriving, by the way, we need more marinas. We have more brands of cars, not Just Toyota Fortuners or a Vios anymore but BMW’s, Range Rovers, Audis, Porsche, Volvo etc etc…

Phuket is becoming an exciting place to live and this is helping hotels, Restaurants and luckily for me, the Real Estate industry. Try getting a rental for Xmas and New Year, it is not easy. The Phuket Airport is also letting in more people. Crazy to think that everywhere we go now there is an atmosphere and we are all loving living here a little bit more, except it is now a little harder to get a seat at Taste.

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