What happening in the Phuket Market?

The Phuket Market

I have always thought better to be honest when talking about Phuket market to buyers and sellers. There are not many of us that do it. No point in telling a buyer one thing and then having them come back to you 6 months later challenging all the advice you gave them. So to be honest, as we are all aware, the market is very slow for residential property. However there are certainly deals happening, just not of the quantity in comparison to the amount of property that is on the market.

Phuket is a luxury and not a necessity and for these reason the market really needs to be booming for buyers to come in there droves. Currently we have a huge amount of long-term rents and more and more sellers going down this route and waiting until the market recovers.

What is interesting is that we are having a huge amount of offers, however the gap is just a little to big to bridge and the deals generally full away once the buyer gets on the plane and the Phuket bubble bursts.

The point of this short blog is to list a couple of properties that have realistic price tags that are some way away from the dreamers who think they could get double the amount for their properties in a very difficult market.=

If you are interested in hearing about some others, then please contact me ASAP. Not all are listing on the website and we tailor the villas for your specific requirements.

Layan Hills Estate Villa B12 is available for 55 M THB and is on 1920 sq.m of land and in fantastic condition with many upgrades, and a fantastic location for living in Phuket. Most other properties in the same development are significantly more and yet this is certainly one of the best, a realistic seller offering a superb deal to a potential buyer https://www.zestrealestate.com/property-detail/?id=549

Layan Hills Estate Phuket

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